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We Connect Premium Canadian Products to the Global Digital Trust Ecosystem

Unlock global transparency with Traxe’s Digital Product Passport. Certify with credentials and supply chain insights, showcasing Canadian innovation to the world. From source to sale, transcend borders with authenticity.

Our Services

From Education to Integration

With a hands-on, tailored approach, we guide clients through every step of the journey from education to full integration into the digital trust ecosystem. Discover how Traxe DPP transforms your products, ensuring they embody transparency and authenticity for the global market.

Our Solution

Digital Product Passport

Traxe DPP, a dynamic vehicle for transparency, securely compiles product credentials and supply chain insights. Integrated via our APIs, it allows for tailored information sharing through advanced tagging technologies. This digital passport ensures that essential, verified details travel with the product throughout its lifecycle, empowering consumers with knowledge and confidence at every touchpoint



Enhancing Traceability & Sustainability: Traxe DPP revolutionizes the mining industry by providing transparent access to mineral sourcing and ethical extraction practices. It empowers consumers and businesses with the knowledge to support responsible mining efforts, reinforcing environmental stewardship and sustainability in the supply chain.


Guaranteeing Food Integrity & Safety: In the food industry, Traxe DPP ensures every product’s journey from farm to table is documented and accessible. It enables consumers to trace the origins, processing, and certification of their food, fostering trust in food safety, organic labeling, and sustainable agriculture practices.


Promoting Ethical Fashion & Circularity: For the textile sector, Traxe DPP offers a window into the lifecycle of garments, from raw materials to retail. It supports ethical fashion by verifying sustainable sourcing, fair labor practices, and recyclability, encouraging a shift towards a more sustainable and circular fashion industry.


Digital Trust Ecosystem

Driving the Digital Trust Ecosystem with Traxe DPP: Anchored by the collaboration between brands, governments, certifiers, and end consumers, Traxe DPP serves as the keystone of transparency and integrity. It enables a synergy of shared knowledge and trust, promoting informed decisions, ethical practices, and sustainable consumption across various sectors


Brands are the cornerstone of Traxe DPP, choosing to champion transparency by sharing their products’ credentials and journey. Their commitment paves the way for a new era of consumer trust


Government sets the stage for DPP adoption, crafting policies that support transparency and sustainability. Their regulatory frameworks ensure DPP standards align with global sustainability goals.


Certifiers validate the journey, offering indispensable third-party verification for brands’ claims. Their certifications enrich DPP with credible, authenticated information.

End Consumers

End consumers fuel market transparency and are key stakeholders in the circular economy transition, using DPP to make informed choices that reward sustainable brands and incentivize circular practices

Our Partners

Collaborating Coast to Coast: Driving Innovation Together

From British Columbia to Nova Scotia, Traxe Technologies is at the heart of innovation, collaborating with key entities like Foresight Canada, Mitacs, Innovacorp, Blockchain@UBC, and the Ocean Startup Project. Our network strengthens our mission, propelling us towards a sustainable, transparent future.


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